About Us

Our students are shown great welcome and respect at Jazantc. This prompts a tranquil school atmosphere. Guests to our school will every now and again see understudies exhibiting conscious quirks, welcoming grown-ups in our building and being polite. Also, our building passes on a feeling of warmth, liberality and excitement as kids, guardians and staff are anxious to grin and make every one of the individuals who enter our school feel welcome.


Understudy Academic Success/Pride

We are focused on giving a protected, positive learning environment for our understudies. Our proverb, Working Hard to Be Our Best!, proposes a critical component of training. It mirrors the exertion we support each of our understudies to put into his or her learning.

We take pride in endeavoring to inspire every understudy to do his or her best. Our Staff is additionally committed to putting forth a valiant effort. Cooperating with understudies and guardians, we endeavor to guarantee that every individual understudy has the chance to create to their maximum capacity.

Group Engagement/Forging Strong Bonds

We have faith in solid correspondence between the home and the school. Classroom pamphlets, telephone calls, home visits and meeting and welcome guardians inside our building are ways that instructors speak with families.

Our School Community Council and “Companions of Jazantc School” are exceptionally required in what happens at Jazantc School. Our folks are occupied with curricular matters. They build up our school arranging report which coordinates our learning needs and enhances understudy learning.

Early Childhood Education

We elevate a strong establishment to early learning through our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programming. We have gladly actualized the Reggio Emilia Approach which incorporates a characteristic part of kids at play and natural learning.

At Jazantc School, kids are seen as skilled learners who build their adapting instead of have consistent direction. Their learning surroundings turns into an extra educator.

Through our organization with the YMCA, Jazantc School can give a Before and After School Daycare in our building starting at 7:30 a.m. what’s more, completion at 6:00 p.m.

Innovation and Innovation

We offer a variety of innovative programming. We have advanced projectors introduced in all classrooms, and also a PC lab in our Learning Resource Center. Instructors and understudies additionally make utilization of iPads, school tablets and understudy claimed gadgets to encourage their learning. We regularly post understudies power-point preparations on our TV screen close to the workplace.

Differing qualities and Cultural Responsiveness

We gloat an assorted understudy populace speaking to a wide range of social gatherings. Our understudies, paying little mind to their social status, say they feel regarded in our school. We guarantee that each youngster feels acknowledged, adored and watched over. We intend to guarantee that each kid feels a decent feeling of social and familial having a place inside our school atmosphere.

We take pride in respecting all who enter our school group and instruct the ordered Aboriginal Education educational modules, as well as incorporate the educating of the effect of private schools on our First Nations and Métis people groups and the Treaties of Saskatchewan and Canada. This imperative instruction is taught to understudies in the center years grades.

Green Values

Our understudies and staff individuals share a powerful urge to decrease our carbon impression. We screen our schools vitality and water utilization with the point of diminishing our utilization. Our school has been perceived for ecologically neighborly understudy activities, for example, The Little Green Thumbs Project and Saskatoon Public Schools’ Destination Conservation Program.

Open doors for Student Leadership

Our understudy authority group gives understudies chances to create administration aptitudes by starting and taking a shot at exercises and exceptional occasions for our understudy populace.

Esteeming the Arts

Our school actualized a more refined and energizing Arts Education Program in the 2010-2011 school year. Understudies in Kindergarten to Grade 8 completely appreciate Music, Visual Art, Dance and Drama. They take pride in their expertise improvement in all strands. Understudies additionally appreciate an awesome band program offered in Grades 6, 7 and 8.

Character Education

Character instruction is implanted in our educating. Understudies oftentimes return to character excellencies with their educators and at extensive congregations.

Supporting all Learners

We have received and actualized Literacy for Life learning procedures so all understudies are occupied with perusing, composing, preparing, and speaking to scholarly ideas. Techniques, for example, the Picture Word Inductive Model (PWIM), Read to Succeed, Just Read, Literacy Inquiry Strategies, and the utilization of classroom libraries, are ceaselessly fused into our learning program and school arrangement.

We have 1.5 Resource Teachers. They work agreeably with classroom instructors to bolster understudies learning and enhance understudies scholastic, individual, and social practices.

We offer progressing and consistent improvement to those understudies who exceed expectations at the educational programs models.

Offering Options

We offer an assortment of extracurricular projects before school, at twelve, or after school. These incorporate group activities for center years understudies, for example, Cross-Country Running, School Track Team, Volleyball, Basketball and Floor Hockey.

Understudies are likewise welcome to take an interest in a scope of twelve hour clubs, including the Krafty Kids Club, the Student Leadership Club and the Zoo Club. These additional choices are offered at various times consistently, in this manner speaking to different understudy interests.

Crisis Procedures

In the event that a crisis happens where the school must be emptied, educators will go with youngsters to St. Matthew’s Anglican Church (situated at 135 – 109th Street; their telephone number is (306) 374-8088. Data for guardians will be show on the radio and guardians will be telephoned. In case of such a crisis, please listen to the radio or go to the sheltered site area. Try not to phone as our telephone lines will be difficult to reach. Calling tree records have been set up. We will never send kids home unless we can guarantee ourselves of their well being.


College Centers:
The college consists of a number centers such as:
1. A center for schools headmasters. It gives a one-semester training course for school headmasters. It also supervises the Lab technicians diploma held in the college.
2. A center for social services. Its major role is to connect the college to the society through various programs, lectures and symposiums.
3. A center for educational research. The main goal of this center is to enhance the educational process through research and educational studies. It concentrates in all levels of educations but pays more stress on the elementary level.